Tackling The Black Stigma on Mental Health Care

February 27, 2023


Why is it in our African American communities are we so resisted to seek mental health care? Some reasons could be do to old attributed and distrust we have in the medical community. Wrong doings from our past are still playing a serious role in our current lives, our distrust is not without real historical merits. Historically we have been misdiagnosed at higher rates than other patients mainly white patients, as many black communities have been exploited in the past by our government and our medical community. In the African American community seeking mental health care is also seen as a sign of weakness, being less than a man or a taboo. Still today we are continuing running with our old way of thinking “I Ain’t Going Down There Telling Them White Folks My Business” and on to our kids the same Old Ways of thinking “ You Ain’t Going Down There Telling Them White Folks Our Business”. This mentality is born from systemic oppression and from years of chronic racism. These are some of the reasons for resistance against seeking mental health treatment in our communities. Black men we have to break that Stigma and distrust, start thinking outside the Box when it comes to our mental health and seek the help that’s needed. Seeking Mental health for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship, Marriage or any other mental issues you’re having will only make you a better person. We have to stop masking your problems and mental issues with Blunts, Liquor and Drugs thinking that’s the answer or cure because it’s not. Consuming in alcohol or drugs will only help you for the time being, once the high is gone the problems are right back. In hindsight this will only creates more health issues within your body and mind leading you to now need physical medical help. The trauma from our past childhoods plays a big role in our current relationships, we find ourselves acting out the same roles as we’ve seen at home growing up with our parents. It could be Verbal or Physical abuse by parents or abuse to you, we tend to display those same behaviors in our homes as adults. We have to change those patterns and break those cycles in our current lives. No more domestic violence, No more in and out of jails and prisons we have to start bettering ourselves. I believe if you seek the help we need we can learn how to be in a better relationship or marriage, how to be a better father or husband to your family or a better person. I believe theses are things we should be focusing on and working on daily. I’m a firm believer that we as individuals we all need help in understanding who we are and keeping our lives in a balanced state, we can achieve anything beyond our beliefs if we are focused. Seeking help is a must if things aren’t working in your life there’s many options out there for you. Seeking therapy or a Life Coach can help you build and understand you as an individual. It can help keep your life and relationship in balance with structure. We as people need to understand we can’t do this alone by no means. By not seeking help we will never learn how to live better lives, build strong families and meaningful relationships. Some of the benefits of seeking Therapy are:

  • 1. Understanding your underline condition
  • 2. Bettering your mental state of mind
  • 3. Bettering yourself as a person
  • 4. Bettering your marriage or relationship
  • 5. Having a stronger family bond
  • 6. Help you set boundaries
  • 7. Health and personal relationships improvement
  • 8. Increased confidence
  • 9. Heightened self awareness

Those are just some of the things you can benefit from seeking help today, stop playing with your state of mind and seek the help you need to better build you. You can reach out and find help at MyndzMatter.com

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