Dealing With a Narcissist Personality

February 27, 2023

We like to use the word narcissist when talking about a person who’s totally self-centered and short on empathy for others. All tho it’s important to remember that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a legitimate mental health condition and can be diagnosis by a mental health professional. Some people can exhibit some narcissistic characteristics without… Continue reading Dealing With a Narcissist Personality

How Co-Parenting Can Work.

February 27, 2023

Studies have shown there’s 3 kinds of Co-Parenting 1) Parallel Parenting, 2) Conflicted Co-Parenting, 3) Cooperative Co-Parenting these last 2 occurs around 25% of the time in divorced and separated families. Those Parents engaging in Parallel Parenting will have lower conflict and communications, most are emotionally disengaged from each other, with little coordination of their child’s problems with both parents operating in their own space. Leading to each households operating independently and most likely will not be consistency for the children between each homes.

Tackling The Black Stigma on Mental Health Care

February 27, 2023

Why is it in our African American communities are we so resisted to seek mental health care? Some reasons could be do to old attributed and distrust we have in the medical community. Wrong doings from our past are still playing a serious role in our current lives, our distrust is not without real historical merits. Historically we have been misdiagnosed at higher rates than other patients mainly white patients, as many black communities have been exploited in the past by our government and our medical community.